Jumble Crossword® としてアメリカで人気のあるアナグラムとクロスワードが合体したパズルです。 
クロスワードの○で囲まれた文字を並べ替えて英単語を作り, ボックスに入力してから赤いボタンをクリックして正解か判定します。
Complete the crossword puzzle by looking at the clues. 
Use the left click to change between "ACROSS" and "DOWN".

  You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet.

If you do not have Java installed you can obtain it from java.com. If do have Java you may need to check your security settings to make sure that applets are enabled, especially if you are viewing the puzzle from your hard disk. In Windows XP you may be able to enable the applet by clicking on the yellow bar at the top of the window and selecting "Allow blocked content".

 プリント版および解答は こちらをクリック( Click here for the printable version and solution) 

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